Missy is an 8 yr old Lesser Sulphur-Crested cockatoo. Missy is delightful but shy. She will wave and say "hello" and "goodbye" in her sweet little voice. Missy is a sweet and gentle soul who would make a sweet companion.
Phoogie is a 27 yr old Umbrella Cockatoo. He can be loud and bold, but has a lot of love to give. Phoogie loves toys and can never have too many. Phoogie is working on developing trust with his caregivers and knows that the best is yet to come!
Kitt (left) and Darla (right) are both around 43yrs old. Kitty and Darla used to fly high in the jungles of the Amazon. Even though they are a different sub-species, they are a bonded pair who can usually be found huddled close together. Kitty is a Lilac-Crowned Amazon, while Darla is a Blue-Fronted Amazon. Both enjoy treats and anxiously await breakfast and dinnertime. With their bold colors, ...
Seabee is a 20 yr old Umbrella Cockatoo with 1 heck of a personality. Seabee is full of energy and is 1 of the loudest members of Kiki's. He definitely lets you know when you are not paying him enough attention. While he may be loud, Seabee can also bring the charm and be a total sweetheart.
Tommy is a 28yr old Catalina Macaw. He is our 1 legged wonder, a true pirate. His disability doesn't hold him back in any way though. Tommy has a big personality and loves to get a reaction out of you. His favorite game is Marco/Polo. If he can't see you, he will yell out "Marco," and wait for you to yell back "Polo."
Lorrie, the cleverly named Lorikeet, is 8yrs old and full of energy. She is a vibrant, beautiful beauty who will keep you entertained. She loves to tell you "bye bye baby," and will surprise you with the unique and realistic sounds that she makes. Lorrie loves dinner time and anxiously awaits her meal every morning and evening.
Snowball is an Umbrella Cockatoo in his late twenties. He may be a bit sparse for feathers in the front, but he's not sparse for personality. Snowball was originally named Derrick until he let us know his own name by saying "Hello Snowball." A parrot of the Kiki's family from the beginning, Snowball has overcome a hard past to be the attractive and loving man he is today.
Mischa is a lovely 11 yr old Scarlet Macaw. She is Kiki's "lady in red." Misha is the picture of sophistication with a flair of independence. Definitely a lover of bath time. She will often tell you to "C'mere" and pop out from under her documents to surprise you.
Jean is a fifteen year old Severe "miniature" Macaw. Her determined spirit and enthusiasm make her stand out. Jean loves to show off the magnificent colors of her wings, and will do almost anything for a sunflower seed. Do not let her small size fool you, because Jean has a big personality.
Frankie, commonly referred to as "naked Frankie," may be a little sparse for feathers, but his great personality and funny mannerisms will make you smile. He is a 17yr old Ducorps Cockatoo who love the camera. Even though he has custom-tailored his feathers, he is a healthy and happy boy. Frank loves to stick his little feet outside the cage to grab your fingers. He sure is a fun and funny boy.
Jaime is a attractive, 22yr old, blue and gold macaw. He will often tell you, "great morning." Expect to share your breakfast, because Jaime loves to eat scrambled eggs with chopped kale, He is 1 of a kind, quirky, and energetic. Jaime needs an experienced handler who will work with him on trust and behavior.
Maddie is a Catalina Macaw at the ripe age of 54yrs old. She is a demure leading lady who lived with 1 person for 45yrs. Being a hybrid macaw, her species does not exist in the wild. Her favorite sayings include "Fire!" and "Motherrrr." Maddie loves to dance back and forth. She makes it easy to fall in love with her with her outgoing and quirky personality.
Lily is the newest member of our Kiki's flock. She is a 23 yr old Blue and Gold Macaw. Lily loves her breakfast and dinnertime and always appreciates her Macadamia nuts. Lily is a high spirited girl who is enjoying her new digs at Kiki's. Lily would love to be a new addition to your family.